The UNESCO Project

Four years after we met in Archaeology 101 at Boston University, where we focused much of our time on Myan archaeology, Chris and I made it. We were staring up at Chichen Itza. Our love for history and travel was again revived.

While taking relief from the hot Mexican sun Chris comments, “you know, I’d love to see Petra.”

“I’m dying to go to Stonehenge” I add.

“How long does it take to get to Easter Island?” Chris asks.

Chichen Itza is a two-plus hour drive from our Cancun resort and on the way back we began to get an idea. We want to see the worlds greatest ancient wonders.

Over the next months we began to scope the idea. Seven wonders of the ancient world? Too limited. All National Parks? Misses our love for archaeology. Various sites that spark our interest? Not measurable enough.

And that’s when Amazon recommended a book to me: World Heritage Sites – A complete guide to 1031 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

That was it.

The UNESCO Project is our challenge to see the great historic wonders of the world.



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