Death of a Hair Straightener

Hi friends!

It has been a little while since we last wrote, but we have a good reason (we promise!) We recently returned from our wedding and honeymoon in London and we have loads of great travel stories and pictures to prove it.A&C 072

But all of that will be coming shortly. This post is dedicated to another momentous life moment that we (…I) experienced recently – the death of my hair straightener.

Now, for any of my curly-haired friends, you understand the absolute life necessity that is a hair straighter. Since my dancing days, I have had a personal alliance to CHI hair straighteners and sometime in 2008 I purchased a CHI straightener with a blue and green tie dye-meets-globe design.

I used this straightener while prepping for my first speech as my high school’s student body president, and while getting ready for prom. I used it on the day of my high school gradation, on my first day of college, the day I met Chris, the day I had my first interview with EY. I used it the day Chris proposed to me, and the day we went ring shopping. And most recently, I used to style my hair for my wedding day.

My 10 year old CHI straightener

On our first day in London, we were prepping for dinner. Chris had proactively purchased a wide assortment of heavy duty converters (as he was well aware of the numerous hair styling devices I need in a day). We read the paper instructions and plug it all in and it turns on. Great.

Chris was getting ready and I was styling my hair Рpretty much business as usual. But when I go to curl a piece of hair on the left side of my face, we smell this horrible burning smell. And I kid you not, I had a Burning My Hair Off moment.

To be honest –¬† after we recovered from the realization that we could have started the next London fire – it was hilarious. Chris and I were hysterical over my (now existent) bangs… all while Chris was using his best electrical engineering skills to figure out how that could have happened (p.s. it short circuited and could not have been the result of using the converter…that was just a coincidence).

Going with natural curls for dinner on my first day of marriage

When we got back to Boston, we tried the straighter again.

It was dead.

It was the end of an era. And it was an appropriate end of my life as a single lady. Chris and I are ready to embrace our new married life together. Our first purchase? A brand new hair straightener.


Ally & Chris





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